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Spice Destination – Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

Not everyone can be privy to be born into royalty. We are talking about the 5 star treatment and recognition those fortunate enough to be born into royalty enjoy both home and abroad. But the world as we know it has continued to evolve and some places have been created to give you a taste of what being royalty feels like, for the right price of course.


spice destination- emirate palace hotel
spice destination- emirate palace hotel


The Emirate Palace, Abu Dhabi is exactly everything you can think of in your wildest imaginations and more. The 13-year-old hotel belonging to The Government of Abu , it is said that that the luxury hotel costs a whooping $3 billion.

The Emirates Palace Hotel has 394 rooms, including 92 suits and 22 residential suites. The suites are furnished in marble and actual gold. Some of the incredible facilities available at the Hotel include, 2 spa facilities, over 40 meeting rooms, a 1.3 km long beach, a marina, 2 helicopter landing pads, a ballroom that accommodates up to 2500 people, various luxury shops and international restaurants.


Spice Destination - Emirate Palace Hotel
Spice Destination – Emirate Palace Hotel


The design of the hotel aims to incorporate traditional Arabian elements such as the grand dome and 114 smaller domes spread over the building. The color of the building aims to reflect different shades of sands found in the Arabian Desert.

Some of the service and facilities the hotel is renowned for include, two state of the art swimming pools, exclusive beach club and membership, camel riding on a white sandy beach, fitness and well being activities like yoga, water sports etc, and of course kids club.


Spice Destination - Emirate Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi
Spice Destination – Emirate Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi


Famous celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and a lot of royalties have been at the famous hotel.


Image source: Emirate Palace Hotel Via Kempinski Hotels.

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