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Spice Destination- Kajuru Castle

The Kajuru castle is an ancient German style castle located in Kajuru LGEA of Kaduna state, Nigeria. The features of the castle include rounded arches, barrel vaults, thick walls, and large towers. The interior of the castle includes four dungeons like bedrooms with crenelated walls, a master suite, a stainless steel swimming pool with a surrounding that accommodates activities like grilling and barbecuing.

Construction of the Kajuru castle began in 1984 and was completed and opened in 1989. The castle is said to have been built by a German who used to live in Kaduna.

kajuru castle3

For those who are looking to visit the castle. A 4×4 car is required to make it up to the castle.


It was carved out of Chikun local government area in March 1997 by the military administration of Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime. At creation, it was made up of two traditional districts which are kajuru and kufana. Additional districts were created bringing the number to 14 districts (Toro 2001).

kajuru castle1

Kajuru local government is an agrarian based economic with agriculture as its major economic activity which serves the bedrock of other activities. These activities include food and cash crop production, livestock rearing, poultry trading and crafts making. Animal rearing is also an important occupation which is carried out in form of subsistence mixed farming apart from the Fulani in the area that depend largely on cattle rearing. These animals supplies organic manure to farm lands, provide income and also are used for consumption. Animals such as cattle, goats, pigs, sheep and poultry are predominant animals reared in the area.

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