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Spice Destination-Madagascar

Madagascar is a beautiful Island off the South-East coast of Africa. The country is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. Notable for their friendly and welcoming people, surrounded by the finest gifts of nature, one of a kind animals like the Lemurs, historical palaces, Tombs, museums, wildlife; 90% of which can be found nowhere else in the world, diverse ecosystem, the famous alley of Boabas,  and of course the beautiful white sands.


Here are our top 5 places to visit if you plan on visiting.


Constance Beach Resort


What is your vacation without a time out at a luxurious resort? Constance hotel Madagascar is one of the best resorts in the country. The resort is located in suburbs of the country. The resort island is surrounded with beautiful white sand, warm crystal clear water and landscapes.

The rooms are modern contemporary with a breath taking view and a hammock, the bar is filled with a range of professionally made cocktails and mocktails with an impressive sitting area. Their professionally trained management and staff are another plus, not to talk of the divine food for both vegans and non vegans. Also the resort has a professional sports team of Suba divers, swimmers and so on. If you are looking at experiencing  paradise on earth then this resort is your best bet.


Alley of Baobabs

The view is simply magnificent! The beauty of looking at soo many of these big trees with distinctive features can not be exaggerated. To get a memorable view of this wonder of nature, it is best advised that you visit the alley at sunrise or sunset. If you are looking to have a peaceful serene moment at the alley, we strongly suggest that you visit the alley at sunrise, but if don’t mind a couple of locals around, who don’t mind their pictures being taken and can also be entertaining then sunset is the best time for you to visit. The view is simply one of those surreal memories that will linger for a lifetime.
Isalo National park.
Home to the blue and dark pools. The Isalo park is hands down one of the best parks in Madagascar. The beautiful panoramic view of the wildlife and ecosystem is inexplainable. Some of the highlights of the Isalo National park are the Hidden falls, the beautiful Lemurs, chameleons, the freshly made lunch prepared by locals, the soaring rocks and grass land ecosystem you see during your hike through the park, the canyons , outdoor tent’s for visitors who decide to spend the night and loads more.
Ambohimanga Palace
For those who are interested in the history of Madagascar and wish to relieve the experience of what it was like before and after the coming of the missionary, then a visit to Ambohimanga will be totally worth your while. A peng of nostalgia from one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites is sure to give you an indepth knowledge of the culture, tradition and history of Madagascar. Located on the hill, north of Antananarivo, the beautiful palace structures of Tranofitarata and Fandrlamapahalema still has majority of the original furniture from the 1800. Clay bath tubs, presentd from queen Victoria, ancient tumbs and the dinning room lined with mirrors are some of the memorable features of this history packed destination.
Tsingy  Nature Reserve
The long and bumpy ride will be totally worth it as soon as you set your eyes on breath taking view of this erosion work of art. The sight of the formation of rocks, sand and soil produced by erosion will leave you in complete awe. The different color contrast of red will leave you appreciating purity of nature.

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