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Spice Destination- Mauritius

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation in eastern Africa. The capital and largest city in the nation is Port Louis. Formerly a Dutch and French colony, then a British colony until it gained independence. The island nation is a multi cultural, multi lingual, multi religious and multilingual country. Recognized as a major tourist destination all over the world. Ranking 3rd in the region and 56th globally. The country is surrounded by clear water beaches, tropical fauna and flora, lagoons, hiking, wildlife, and rain forests.

This week’s spice destination is one of the biggest resorts in Mauritius.


The LUX Belle Mare is a luxurious, state of the art contemporary, modern resort in Mauritius. The hotel is famous and appreciated for its impeccable ambiance, the white soft sands, the serene view of the ocean, and many other personal features on the resort.


The staffs of the hotel are well trained, attentive and hospitable. They take it upon themselves to familiarize on a professional level with their guests and serve them as best as they can. The rooms are well furnished, properly maintained, and have amazing views from the windows. The rooms come in different sizes, and different family size.


The hotel has a Cafe and a bar which serves professionally made drinks, pastries and food. The K-bar has a personal brewer. The resort also has three restaurants, which consists of professional chefs. Serving global food and beverages that allows you explore different varieties of food. There is also an ice cream parlor.

The resort has a “Junkart”, which converts junk like bicycle wheels, card board etc into souvenirs. Sporting services like tennis, horse riding and skiing are also available.

For more beautiful places to visit during your stay in Mauritius, watch our Spice Destination special on the country.



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