Monday, May 29, 2023

SPICE DIY: One Minute Beauty Hacks

Let us first agree with the fact that we can’t always have the time to extensively pamper our skin to our satisfaction, especially ladies with tight schedules, who barely have time to think of themselves; however this shouldn’t be an excuse to totally neglect your skin and watch it go downhill. Here are out top beauty hacks that take approximately one minute, which is also a spot on substitute for the long beauty regimes you mostly don’t have the time for.

  1. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after you shampoo it. This routine gives your hair a boost and a long lasting shine.

apple cidar

  1. Reduce your sugar intake too much sugar is a high cause of fine-lines, and it also weakens the immune system.


  1. Use concealer to cover eye bags. Eye bags can take a toll on your entire look during the day, making you look tired and sleepy. To cover them up, simply use a concealer. Dab the concealer under your eyes, just on the semi dark circle under your eyes.


  1. Massage the back of your neck for a minute: this hack will help relax the muscles and return blood flow to normal, which will in turn reduce tension.


  1. Include rose water in your daily beauty routine it. Rose water is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts cellular function and reduces inflammation). It also helps rejuvenate your skin.


  1. Coconut oil for an amazing bronzer like effect.  Applying coconut oil on the highlight point of your face will give it an instant pop up and dewy finish.


  1. Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush: after brushing your teeth, dab honey and lemon or any essential oil round your lips, then run your tooth brush over your lips for quick exfoliation, to keep your lips luscious and soft.


  1. Apply bronzer to your moisturizer for a bright glow. By applying a drop or two of bronzer on your moisturizer, then applying it all over your face, you are giving your face a fresh and instantaneous glow.


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