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Spice #MCM- Azeez Karym

Years ago blogging was just a personal journal in which people took interest in so as to document their day or interesting events that they experience. But fast forward to a couple of years later, like other new internet innovations, entrepreneurs have continued to realize the business potential and exposure of the business of blogging.

This week’s MCM is a fast rising fashion blogger who has turned a childhood hubby into a passion and a business. We at Spice were able to get in Contact with Azeez Karym, and discuss fashion, passion and of course the launch of his forthcoming e-commerce website.

abdulazeez karym blog


  • What inspired you to start fashion blogging?


I started fashion blogging few years ago. I’ve always loved fashion; I believe fashion is instant language. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to be in the fashion world but I didn’t know to go about it. Then came Instagram, the game changer. Back then I just posted whatever came to mind until a friend of mine told me to use Instagram to show my style, that people would like it. I was skeptical about it at first but then I had nothing to lose so I went for it. I started posting outfits and I was getting a couple of positive feed backs and it just took off from there. I started networking and I’ve been paving my own way since then


  • Toughest part of being a blogger


For me, I find that the toughest part of being fashion blogger is finding the right content that people will like. Men’s fashion evolve slowly and the audience want their content like yesterday uno, therefore putting us on our toes to come up with a new post regularly if not, the audience with find other bloggers that can deliver.


  • What you never be caught dead wearing?


Ooh, you’ll never catch me in a Versace signature print shirt. That’s some ugly shirt.


  • Is this a full time thing or just a hobby?


No, I’m not full time, I have other things I do on the side. I’m currently working on my website called Alpha8, where people can go shop my style. Watch this space lol!

 abdulazeez neyo karym

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


That’s a difficult question one to answer. There are two answers to that; it’s either I keep paving my way in the fashion world or use my degree to make something out of myself, either way I can’t lose touch with my fashion and my style because they are part of me.


  • Tell us about yourself


Hello, I’m Karym a student in his early 20’s. I am originally from Nigeria but I moved to the UK a few years ago. Since then I have lived in three other counties around the world. I am currently in Birmingham. I have a great appreciation for the art and I think this, in turn, makes me have an appreciation for simple things that are often taken for granted. In short, art and fashion feed my creativity. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing life to its fullest. I find happiness in small things in life.  The top of my typical days list is hitting the gym early morning, attend lectures and seminars, meetings, coffee, photoshoot, coffee again, and catching up with friends

azeez karym mcm

  • Most embarrassing moment?


I try not to have embarrassing moments now that I’m older. But they just keep finding me. I once forgot the pin to my card while I was on a date in a restaurant.


  • Most difficult period in your life and how you bounced back


A close family friend of mine died and that just made me see life from a whole new perspective. Life is too short not to do whatever you want to do. Since then, I never let anything of anyone hold me back from achieving whatever goal I set for myself.


  • What is feminism to you?


Feminism to me is simply the stand for fair treatment of women in general as regards religious, social and occupational circumstances that has stifled and labelled them a weaker gender compared to the male folk for many years.  


  • Biggest achievement in your blogging career?


Currently working on an e-store where people can shop my style. I’ll be working with various brands to deliver this shopping experience. We will be launching at the end of this month.  

azeez karym style

  • Who inspires you in your craft, and why?

I get inspiration everywhere! When it comes to outfit I tend to build then around Mariano Di Via and Kanye West, they have always had influence in my fashion decision making. They are my go to guys… Whenever I’m stuck, I ask myself WWKD (what will Kanye do). There are so many fashionistas out there that I take my hat off for their style. I can say Jeremiah Ogbodo (swanky Jerry) is my favourite Nigerian stylist and he is good people.


  • How would you describe your style?


Street style and an occasional dash of the gentleman style.


  • What do you splurge on?


               Asides from the obvious, I enjoy splurging on Perfumes land shoes. 


  • What do you love most about fashion blogging?


               There are many benefits when it comes to blogging. I have learned to love myself and      be more confident. Three years ago I would have never considered getting pictures of myself that frequently, but now it just comes natural. Also I got the chance to start my own store and meet many wonderful people, all thanks to blogging.



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