Monday, May 29, 2023

#MCM – Christian Thompson

Since the popularity and appreciation of fashion blogging years ago, a lot of people have delved into this new phenomenon, including designers, which has in turn put fashion blogging on the high threshold in the fashion world. Hundreds of fashion blogs are created every year, while some sky rocket into lime light, others find themselves struggling to keep up.

What makes the successful lot in the business stand out isn’t just knowledge of the art, but their ability to transform something so regular into a work of art. As they constantly dish out style inspirations, trends and fashion tips, making us all wish we were talented and appreciated enough to be recognized by our favorite designers and diehard fans.


Our spice WCW of the week is Toronto based lifestyle blogger Christian Thompson.

christian conidentialll

He is the founder and CEO of Christian Confidential, a cultured fashion and lifestyle blog where he constantly serves clean cut street style inspo, travel diaries, and fitness tips.

christian confidential

Well asides from his obvious good look, every post on Christian Confidential keeps you locked down, and on the lookout for new content. Be it when he is dishing out new street style look books, or giving us fitness tips, or sharing his travel diaries with us, recommending when and where the ultimate travel destination is, there is no denying that in no time Christian confidential will become a house hold name.

christian confidentialll

Christian Thompson has proven to us that he knows his craft, and we really cannot wait for him to hit the big screen with his own personal lifestyle TV show, a dream we anxiously wish will come to past in no time. What could be better than a dreamy man talk about fashion and lifestyle with guests or all by himself?

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