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Spice #MCM- Ric Hassani

“Never seen the girl that can do the things the things you do

 It’s only you (only you, only you)

Say you’d never leave me

The only you i want the way i need

 Girl it’s only you

 Only you it’s only you… It’s only you you doo doo”


If this lyric rings a bell or if you already know what this is, then you already know why we have chosen him as a worthy MCM. Our MCM of the week is a true African gentleman, admired for his distinct style, which usually features clean cut pieces like African print suits, even a tuxedo or simple African print pants and a turtle neck top, accessorized with different styles of his signature round frame glasses.

ric hassani man crush monday

Born Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu in Port-Harcourt, but best known by his stage name Ric Hassani. He is an Afro-pop singer and songwriter, notable for songs like his 2015 hit song Gentleman and most recent single, Only you. He was nominated for The Headies Award for Best Vocal Performance (Male), The Headies Award for Best Alternative Song. We caught up with him for a quick interview while he was on the set of Spice TV’s show Fashion 360.


  • When and why did you start music?

I started music professionally in 2012, because I just felt like it was right, and that is what I should be doing.

  • What would you say is the lowest point in your career?

Well, I really wouldn’t call it the lowest point in my career, but it was most certainly the most embarrassing. It was last year, Adekunle Gold’s album launch, we had sound check and for some reason my sound check turned out really bad. I was totally off key in front of very important people, because I was nervous and it was the first time I was performing Gentleman live. But at the end of the day, my performance for the show proper turned out pretty good.

ric hassani only you

  • What’s your honest opinion about Nigerians acceptance towards love songs?

I believe Nigerians accept love songs a lot now because they are getting a lot of it from the likes of Tjan, I, Simi, Adekunle gold a lot more other people.

  • Would you divert your attention from love songs to party songs, if yes what would be the reason?

My Album just came out, The African Gentle Man, and there are quite a number of groovy songs on it, love songs can be party songs too you know.

  • Who do you aspire to feature locally and internationally?

ric hassani african gentleman

Locally I really want to work with Wiz Kid, I am a huge fan, and internationally I would love to work with Drake.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Successful and happy.

  • You are so philosophical on Twitter; do your tweets translate to your person?

Am I really philosophical on twitter? (laughs) yes my tweets are really just me thinking and tweeting, it’s not like I saw the quotes somewhere and decided to post it. They are just stuff I say and they end up seeming like quotes, which is kind of cool.. I guess. As much as I am trying to succeed in music, I’m also trying to succeed at life, live the good life first before becoming a successful musician.  I am obsessed with getting life right.

  • Your style is unique; who do you credit for this?

Jesus.. (laughs). Well, initially, I thought about my style, then my manager and I would shop for fabrics and look for a tailor to make the clothes, then people caught on to the style and started sending me similar clothes. So I kinda of think I credit myself for it, not to be cocky in any way.

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