Thursday, June 8, 2023

Spice #MCM – What’s Not To Love About The Most Stylish Grandpa In The Industry

We have an ageless icon in the industry here in West Africa, Hollywood has got nothing on us! This will make the umpteenth time when Nollywood star Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) will be likened to renowned Hollywood actor George Clooney.


Staying relevant and ageless (a word we would use repeatedly in this post) in one’s chosen career doesn’t come as easy as it just sounded.

Born on the 6th of July, 1961, RMD took the same educational route as almost all his age circus – only that he is living exceptionally off the average. His career in the entertainment industry kicked off with a prosperous shape at Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine. His big screen happened in the late 80s and since then, we doubt if anybody lacks the knowledge of who Richard Mofe – Damijo is in the entertainment industry.




With over 100 movies down the shelf, RMD has also had a Political career. His career transition as the one time Delta State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism had him to take a break from the screen. However, RMD made a comeback to acting after serving in the Delta state government and he wasn’t the same actor we used to know.


As he leaped higher in age to become a grandfather, he picked up fatherly roles in movies without being told and he has interpreted each script exceedingly. The 2016 box office success of ‘The Wedding Party’ movie fully endorsed him into this new profile.




Richard Mofe – Damijo’s path as a fashion and style icon is the route every young man out there would love to thread. Who knows how he does it to be drop dead dapper at 57 because we do not know? His ability to retain his sense of fashion awareness smites us everyday.


Our #MCM is the only celebrity above 50 with over 1 million followers on instagram. Can your grandpa even!!!










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