Tuesday, May 30, 2023

SPICE Podcast: Idia Aisien, Sharon Ojaa and Bollylomo on Dealing with a Nymphomaniac, Dating a ‘Jobless’ Musician

BollyLomo, Sharon Ojaa – ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ star and ‘You Got Issues’ host Idia Aisien discuss various relationship, love and sex issues in this podcast . In this episode of SPICE Podcast for ‘You Got Issues’ with Idia Aisien, the first question comes from a lady complaining about her boy friend’s limitless sexual urge. In her words: “My boyfriend’s testosterone is on another level. I try to satisfy him in the best possible way but Y feel it’s never enough. To amend this, I decided to give him a hall pass to satisfy his sexual needs, Am I right or wrong on this?

Listen to the Podcast below:

Are you currently going through those issues you are afraid to talk about? Are you always paranoid and skeptical about sharing your personal struggles, as you lack trust? Then, You Got Issues is here to aide your walk through this phase of life. Brand new episodes every week.

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