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SPICE Recommends: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You couldn’t have missed the extended declaration of love over the weekend especially on mothering sunday where we all took out time to celebrate the amazons that we call our mothers. Mother’s day is on the 14th of May and we at SPICE have loads of ideas to make it special and have you getting ready early, two months before.

Mother’s day is the day we get to celebrate our mothers for their endless efforts and also make them feel as special as they truly are. With mother’s day right around the corner, most of us are once again in the dilemma of what to get our mothers on their special day. If you are looking for fun ways to celebrate mother’s day by getting your mum special gifts that best represent her personality; then this article is for you…

Fashion glam mama

If your mum is a fashion savvy mama then this is for you. we all know that vintage looks are the in thing in 2017; from fringes, to wide leg pants, to floral, one piece and so on. What best way to make your mum relieve one of her favorite 70’s and 80’s look in a more amplified and revamped version. Not only are you taking your favourite woman through memory lane, you are also making her know that you pay attention to detai

Culinary superhero mums

If your mum is one with an extra passion for cooking then you are in the right place. You could get a replacement for one of her favorite cooking utensil or gadget. You could also get her a new edition of her favorite cook book or better still; make her a homemade three course meal. But if cooking is not your forte, then I suggest you forget about cooking her a homemade meal. You don’t want her remembering this mother’s day as the one that almost made her lose touch of her pallet.

Fitness and sport loving mums

The best gift ideas for these type of mum could be anything related to her workout or sports fetish. From, her favorite sports jersey, game tickets, the best protein shakes you can lay your hands on, an autographed item signed by her favorite sports celebrity. It could also range from new workout shoe to workout equipment, the list almost endless.

Working class mums

These types of mothers barely have time for themselves. They are constantly juggling their career, and family duties, constantly trying to make sure both parties are happy. The best gift for your working class mum could be to take her on an adventure she has always dreamed of , a full spa appointment, wine tasting, movie marathons, date night with the love of her life, etc. Basically, what this type of mum deserves is a day out doing something she has been looking forward to doing for a while now.

Religious mums

For mums who hold religion close to their hearts, I would suggest you gift her with the newest edition of her favorite sermon, a brand new prayer book, her favorite religious accessory, a calendar of her favorite quotes from the scrip

Bookish mums

Books! Books!! Books!!! The best thing about books is that it can be passed on for generations. If your mum is obsessed with reading, then all you have to do is get her an autographed copy of her favorite book, a photo frame of her best quotes, or you can even decide to spice things up by getting her a totally different book from what she is used to reading.


The best thing about this year’s mother’s day gift ideas, is that you get to work on a budget and still make your mum’s special day.

by Sefinah Lamii | SPICE TV Africa LifeStyle contributor.

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