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The revolving force of fashion from as way back as the stone age has made every item, trend and style that we have in this new generation quite tasteful, hence, the splendor of our new age outfits is credited to the knowledge of pre-existing value.


The trending pieces of choker necklaces we have littered everywhere these days are routed deep into history of ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian. Women during French Revolution took to wearing red ribbons around their necks to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine. While in another instance could depict prostitution.


History of Choker Necklaces


Ballerians and fashionable ladies in 1874 wore chokers too, some of history’s most famous chokers can be found in “Degas’ ballerina” paintings, many of which were done in 1870s and 1880s.


History of Choker Necklaces IIc


Alexandra, Princess of Wales reportedly wore thick rows of pearls and velvet to cover a scar on her neck which made her self conscious. She was superbly influential in expanding the trend as she was said to have been influenced by Indian dresses and jewelry during her famous tenures in India.


History of Choker Necklaces - Alexandra Princess of Wale


Chokers in late 1800s were huge makers of the elite. The types termed as “dog collars,” incorporating luxe diamonds, lace, pearls and velvet could be seen as objects of the elite because the best kinds were custom-made to fit one’s neck perfectly.

Further in 1944, the dog collars (choker) were revived again as seen in “Life Magazine.”


History of Choker Necklace


Choker necklaces were peculiar to some certain sects and religions. Wiccans wore the pentagram chokers as favourite.

Taking a versatile trend in the ’90s, ‘tattoo chokers’ were perfect compliment to a prom dress or a cute everyday accessory. The emergence of this piece from its bizarre history of the 19th century has taken full course to boldly express fashion and not any more of the archaic.



New age choker necklaces as we have them below:


Choker Necklace


Choker Necklace


Choker Necklace


Choker Necklace


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