Friday, March 1, 2024

SPICE Series: Oh Dear Mum, Happy Mother’s Day

Echoes from the past weekend, SPICE presents a new series – SPICE Series when we get real life pieces and feedback from readers across the continent. This piece was sent in to mark the Mothering Sunday celebrations, read as shared by Utibe Eyo.

I stood by the door, fixated at what I knew as my mum, numbness had taken all over me, I didn’t even feel the presence of my siblings in the room.
How did time go by so fast? How did I live without living? All these questions kept running through my mind. I had cared so much about my career that I let love slip through my palms. The woman who had given me all the love I knew, made sure I had my MBA in the best of  schools, bought me my first Channel bag, was lying on a bed lifeless.
I did not even have the chance to say good bye, I couldn’t even reward her for all she had done, all I ever did was blame her for letting my dad go. I regretted every second i yelled at her up to the second i moved out of the house disregarding her pleas.
Now I know the true meaning of pain, the hurt i feel inside is undeniable. I urge you to treat your mum with love, care and kindness, you never know when the clock will stop ticking and all you will hear are the echoes of regret.

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