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SPICE Talks Men’s Style & What’s Next for Nigerian Menswear with Designer Ifeanyi Nwune

While we’re thinking all things ‘Man’ this month at SPICE, it seemed only right to catch up with one of Nigeria’s upcoming talents, Ifeanyi Nwune who recently debuted a cool fashion film for his “Timeless” collection.
And, talking on his style and fashion friend circle, the creative took a little time out of his jet-set schedule to fill us in on why keeping likeminded mates is “a blessing” and what Nigerian menswear is in need of next…

A look from Ifeanyi Nwune's "Timeless" collection
A look from Ifeanyi Nwune’s “Timeless” collection

SPICE: We’ve just seen the fashion film for your SS15 collection “Timeless” (and loved it) – but are keen to see more. Is a S/S’16 collection in the works?

Ifeanyi: Yes, definately. I plan to put out a new collection as well as showcase it at a fashion show I am working on with my friend Dadz.

The show is set to happen at Oriental Hotel in December and I will be showcasing the new collection alongside 5 other designers.


What do you think captures the essence of your work best – moving or still images?

Moving images are beautiful in the sense that they contain the most important elements of art, sound and visuals. A coordinated combination of both is always preferable to just visuals.


The just-concluded LFDW brought a lot of brilliant things to our attention. Were there any collections you liked in particular?

TI Nathan, Ade Bakare, Maxivive and POC.

A look from Ifeanyi Nwune's "Timeless" collection
A look from Ifeanyi Nwune’s “Timeless” collection

Your personal style seems to sometimes include heavy/tough elements (we *think* we saw you rocking a bullet proof vest at the recent Elite Model Look event)… What influences/inspires the way you dress?

My mood before an event inspires what I wear to it. Nothing else tbh.


How would you summarise your style? 

Anything that makes me happy and I’m comfortable with.

Designer, Ifeanyi Nwune
Designer, Ifeanyi Nwune

Who is in your creative circle and how important do you think it is to have fashion friends?

Runtown, Ugo Mozie, Kamsy Osakwe and Emeka Nwune are friends of mine. Inspiration is everything in life and no one would go far without having the opinions of people who think as they do.

Having creative and productive friends that you could share ideas with is a major blessing.


If you could trade wardrobes with anyone, who would it be and why?

A$ap Rocky. Because he’s DOPE!

Designer, Ifeanyi Nwune
Designer, Ifeanyi Nwune


What’s the most worn item in your wardrobe?

My most worn item has to be my hat.


What will we see you doing next in terms of fashion?

Revealing a new collection, out next month.

A look from Ifeanyi Nwune's "Timeless" collection
A look from Ifeanyi Nwune’s “Timeless” collection

What do you think is next for menswear in Nigeria?

We need people to invest in factories out here. This would go a long way in making our pieces more affordable, hence, reaching out to more people who want to purchase both here and abroad.

Nice catching up with you Ifeanyi – we look forward to seeing your Spring/Summer’16 collection next month!

Image source: @ifeanyinwune,

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