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SPICE Talks to Celebrity “Chef Ahki” on Plant-Based Diets, Shutting Down Subway & a Super Food Summer Salad You Should Definitely Try

Sepsenahki, or “Chef Ahki” as she’s fondly known, is a celebrity chef, natural food activist and pro-blogger – a voice for the young generation, who may be a little peeved at big agriculture and its mono-cropping frenzy of ‘science lab food,’ GMO corporate tyranny and its obesesity-inducing ways.

More than peeved by the whole lot herself, Chef Akhi transitioned to a plant-based diet at just 18 and became a colon-therapist at age 25, seeking to study under Dr. Mark Armstrong for her bachelors in naturopathic science and holistic theology. But then Ahki has always been intrigued by the healing power of herbs and eastern traditional medicine, having been raised by four generations of medicine women in her native Oklahoma, and been introduced to indigenous foods and alternative modalities early on.

Helping us think about our Summer (and year-round) body a little bit better, Ahki teaches that humans are ‘electrical,’ and therefore need ‘electrical foods’ for optimum health.“I ain’t eatin’ salad, I’m eating sunlight” is the phrase she uses when promoting her daily “Big Ass Salad,” which as always, uses seasonal, organic, fresh non-hybrid fruits and vegetables to create living food recipes designed to heal bodies and enhance lives.

Read on for an amazing 2-minute recipe you can try at home (one fit for your fuel-seeking beach body) plus tons of enlightenment from the beautiful, healthy-living Ms Ahki herself…


SPICE: What does beauty mean to you?

Chek Akhi: Confidence and self love.

What is your day-to-day beauty routine? 

Black soap to cleanse, coconut oil to moisturise and an aloe mask at night. Clean food, hydration and sunlight.

What do you spend more time on, beauty or health? 

They go hand and hand for me.

What is the reason behind getting on a plant-based diet and how has it been? Also, what would you say to someone who was interested in making the dietary transition themselves?

It was a spiritual choice first – I didn’t want to be a walking graveyard for helpless creatures. I felt so good that I continued the diet and it evolved over time.

I suggest that people start with removing processed and fast foods… If you can do this, you can let go of pork and beef, and go from there.

What does your fitness regime consist of? 

I love to swim and dance. I currently am a part of a bootcamp called EffectFitness. We dance the whole time while doing a high energy, 30-minute workout. It’s amazing!

If you could choose just one move/product/item for your health, what would it be? 

Wild Dandelion – I juice it and it gives me so much energy! It’s also cleansing and great for skin, too. A triple threat.

What specific ritual/item impacts your health the most – physically or mentally? 

It would have to be my upbringing. I remember what real fruits and vegetables taste like from my grandparents’ garden. I can’t tolerate conventional GMO produce for that reason – it’s tasteless. No comparison.


Do you have a signature beauty look? 

My signature look would be elegant and mature with a splash of ethnic patterns.

What are your beauty dos and don’ts? 

Do wear colours. Don’t wear tights as pants. (Lol)

Can you please share an ‘oh no, I didn’t’ moment with us? 

‘Oh no I didn’t’ dress up like Che Guevara and Malcom X to create revolutionary health memes! (Haha)

If you had to give just one beauty tip or piece of advice, what would it be? 

Spend as much energy maintaining internal beauty as you do your outside appearance.


What is your fitness and beauty fantasy? 

I’d host a weekly event filled with Yoga, dance and trampoline jumping in the islands near an ocean, so I could always be tan and cleanse in the salty ocean and exfoliate with the sand, and drink fresh coconut water.

If you could, what would you like to change in the fitness, health and beauty industry?

I’d shut down GNC, Smoothie King and Subway, and then I’d expose all the FFE’s (Fake Food Experts) on the web.

Could you please share a quick, 2 minute recipe with us?

Mango Tomato Basil Salad w/ Avocado
Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 5 min
1 Large Ripe Mango
2 Roma Tomatoes or 11/2 cups grape tomatoes chopped
1 Avocado chopped
¾ cup fresh basil chopped
1 cup fresh lettuce (bibb, spring mix)
½ lime squeezed
pinch of sea salt & cayenne to taste
1. Add chopped mango, and tomato to a bowl.
2. Next add lime juice, salt cayenne and basil, toss.
3. Add avocado last and toss. Place this salad on top off lettuce. Enjoy
You can reach Chef Akhi via Twitter, Facebook or her website, here.

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