Sunday, October 1, 2023

SPICE Trailblazer Series: Frank Osodi

Getting to the top is somewhat easy, staying at the top is always the challenge. SPICE TV bring to you the ‘Spice Trial Blazers’. Do you have a bucket list of getting up close and personal with one of the best creatives the Fashion industry has ever created? Think no more as you can strike that out of your list.

In this new episode of trial blazers, two aspiring Fashion designers would get the opportunity to meet with Frank Osodi.


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Frank Osodi commenced his career as a model for fashion houses, Dakova, supreme Stitches and so many others. He gained enormous recognition when he was selected by Silverbird communications to be the makeup artist and designer that finally led the recently married beauty queen Agbani Darego to her reign as Miss World 2001. He has over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry under his label ‘House of Bunor’.


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The aim of this show is to groom, mentor the aspiring designers and also give them the opportunity to have first hand information on how to be a better growing brand.
Are you an Aspiring Fashion Designer who has  a dream of meeting with Frank Osodi? Send in your name, email address and also why you deserve to get up close and personal with a fashion legend.


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