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SPICE TV Featured in Channel 4’s Documentary, ‘Nigeria: The Repats Who’ve Returned Home’

In a recent short documentary about repatriates – educated professionals returning to Nigeria from the diaspora – SPICE TV is featured in Channel 4‘s investigative programme, Nigeria: The ‘Repats’ Who’ve Returned Home.

The programme is set in our home city of Lagos (“one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, known for its insane traffic”), and features interviews with several young people – some born in the UK, others returning after their education in Europe – including our recent On the Couch guest, Aisha Shaba, who spoke to Channel 4 from our studio.


Seen on the set of On the Couch, the Tinsel star said of her decision to move to Lagos from London;

“I had this image of what African would be like… I was like, there’s not going to be no buses.. there’s no Nandos, there’s no McDonald’s, there’s nothing – what do you want me to do?!”

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The actress went on to explain;

“First of all, the salary is much more, [there’s] better job opportunities, and lifestyle is much cheaper for me.”


The documentary explores various returnees’ stories, including Baba Jallah Epegba’s, who returned with his wife Helen, explaining;

“Our parents took us away at such an early age… I went to lovely schools in England… But I think our parents always pushed us away from Nigeria, saying ‘Don’t go back there, it’s corrupt, there’s nothing for you there…

Party-goers shown Channel 4 how some of Lagos live
Party-goers shown Channel 4 how some of Lagos live

For the repatriates, people who want to come back… there are opportunities… where people who are good at what they do can make a living, and change their lives for the better.”

Watch Channel 4‘s programme here below, catch SPICE TV‘s cameo at 1min54, then tell us what you think to Nigeria: The Repats Who’ve Returned Home in the comment box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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