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SPICE #WCW: Thelma Egbe and her Iconic dishes

One of the underrated superheroes of all times have to be chefs. The art of carefully bringing sometimes extremely different food elements together to create the ultimate memorable dish is indeed a craft not so many of us are born with. Now, we all the end result of people who are naturally gifted with the certain crafts and how their success sky rocket with every step they take towards perfection. For some us we see food as the life itself, the power of an fantastically made palette titillating dish can never be undermined. So today we have decided to appreciate one of the young women who has decided to conquer the world, with one amazing dish at a time. Thelma Egbe is a self taught pro chef who has been serving thousands of foodies all around the world beautiful pictures, recipes and food hacks for a while now, her rapidly increasing numbers of followers on Instagram and twitter can testify that she is indeed the truth and duly worthy of being our WCW of the week.

Tell us about yourself

my name is Thelma Egbe and I’m known as Thelmzkitchen , I am a self taught chef and i fell in love with cooking as a teenager , I admired the passion from my parents and my god mum .After doing several food courses in my secondary school and A levels, I found out that I truly loved to be in the kitchen and as time grew my passion did increase. In 2015 I decided to take my inspiration up a notch and started Thelmzkitchen , this decision has turned to be one of best things I have done , I write recipes , I modify exciting recipes as well as cater for events once in a while .


What do you consider to be your biggest kitchen disaster?

My biggest kitchen disaster was almost burning down the kitchen as I was about to bleach oil.

At what point did you realize you wanted to become a chef, and how did your family take the news?

Christmas 2013 , when I woke up early in the morning by 6:00 am, threw on an apron and I decided to cook everything on the Christmas menu all by my self .in regards  to how my family took it, they have always been supportive of my dreams and decisions.

If you weren’t in the food business, what would you be doing, do you think you will love it this much?

I wanted to be a hair stylist but I wouldn’t have loved it so much.

What is your most essential kitchen utensil?

my measuring cup

You are stranded on an island, what five foods would you want with you?

Goat meat pepper soup , fisherman stew , fried rice , peppered snail , puff puff & meat pie.


You are known for your bluntness and straight forwardness on twitter, is that really how you are in person?

 I didn’t really realise I was blunt or straightforward, for me I say how it is and I joke sometimes but I think that’s how I am.

What is your long run plan professionally?

 Hmmn…  If I’m being honest there’s so much , I don’t just have one particular plan because you don’t know what life has in stock for you. but a cook book would be a great start

The look of your plate is very important, tell us about your taste matching technique

I try to look for food flavours that enhance each other , sometimes it’s quite tricky but it also balls down to who’s eating it and their taste buds.

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What food hacks would you love to share with us?

using a strainer to reduce excess water from Tomato instead of boiling & wasting so much gas. Or you can microwave it

What meal would you consider to be your best? And why?

Fried rice , I love vegetables & I love colours.

What is feminism to you?

   feminism is equality

    Flash segment

• Chicken or fish? Fish


• Weave or makeup? Makeup

• Continental or Africana? Africana

• Anthony Joshua or Trey Songs? Anthony Joshua

• Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers

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