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Spice #WCW: Wana Sambo

With the stiff competition in the fashion industry since forever, it has taken more than years of experience for designers to stand out with their annual collections, and prove to fashion lovers that their brand is indeed the truth. For a woman, to step out and look literally like a million bucks, her outfit has to speak for her before she is allowed to utter actual words, the saying about first impressions isn’t a joke.


Our Spice WCW of the week is the delectable Fashion Designer Wana Sambo.

wana samboooo

When graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy graduate, Wana Sambo decided to go into fashion professionally in 2010, her vision was to transcend and celebrate the power and strength womanhood through her collections.

wana sambo

“My inspiration is drawn from the most inexplicable sources. The other day, I was taking a walk around my house, I saw a pond which had a flower, the water lily/pond lily, its white and pinkish colors inspired a collection which started through a piece. I dream up designs in my sleep. Weird, but I’m thankful for such gift.” – Wana Sambo


7 years later, the self taught fashion designer has continued to show that the sky is her starting point. Her contemporary urban collections have become a favourite amidst celebrities and the everyday woman.

wana sambooo

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Wana Sambo is a Selfless humanitarian. Her first ever runway event was in order to raise funds for an orphanage called “Heaven for the Nigerian Child”, she has also shown support for people living with HIV and AIDS.


For the Nigerian born 80’s baby, the major influence behind the creation of Wana Sambo clothing line was during her years in Uni, when she wanted a particular style that wasn’t sold at the time, she then took it upon herself to make those styles for herself and people with the same fashion cravings.



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