Tuesday, March 5, 2024

#SpiceHotNot- Ta-Ta Towel

This week’s Spice Hot Not is a new invention for women. It looks like an alter neck breast holder called Ta-Ta towels.

What are Ta-ta towels?

Well they are towels with elastic ends invented by Los Angeles based Erin Robertson for the sole purpose of controlling uncomfortable underboob sweat. But somewhere along the line it has also been embraced by people fighting undeboob rashes and has been certified effective. Nursing mothers who are usually subjected to wearing nursing bras all the time in order to prevent the breast milk from spilling are also happy about this invention.


These sweat control towels are up for sale for $45 a piece. Although we like the idea and we are glad that there is finally a piece of clothing that can cover your breasts while you get ready for your day out, we can’t help but wonder if this new trend will be around for a long time, or even if it should be considered an essential.  Also what happens to women who sweat between their cleavage and still sweat under their boobs? Does this invention help them to?

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