Thursday, September 28, 2023

#SPICEHOTNOT|Fashion Nova 2-in-1 jeans with garters

Just when we thought we had seen it all from Pretty Little Thing denim thong and now Fashion Nova, they threw us off-guard with this 2 in 1 denim that comes with actual  garters. The denim jeans is literally a pair of shorts and trouser legs joined  together with strapped garters, how cool or uncool is that?


fashion nova 2 in 1 jeans with garters

We can totally see Cardi B in one of these jeans, she is a sucker for Fashion Nova, and she shows it off on her entire Instagram feed. Fashion Nova has taken voguish fashion to another level, its almost like a mix of mix of luxury and basic clothes.


fashion nova 2 in 1 jeans with garters

While these pair of jeans look hot, we are not exactly sure how well it would be received in the market, but considering that summer is upon us, shoppers might have to choose between Pretty Little Thing’s denim thong and Fashion Nova’s Garter jeans.

fashion nova 2 in 1 jeans with garters

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