Saturday, September 23, 2023

Spotify Ventures Into Beauty

You just know the world is about to become a better place when you can get the best of two of your favorite things on the same platform.

According to Techrunch, Multi billion Swedish music streaming giant Spotify will start selling makeup on its platform. What a time to be alive.

spotify ventures into ,usic and partners with mcgarth

The streaming brand will extend its existing partnership with its present merchandise partner Merchbar. The $16 billion streaming platform will be working with celebrity makeup artist and Pat McGrath and musician Maggie Linderman.

The partnership will provide music fans with the opportunity to “buy the look” of artists through the music platform.

“In partnering with Pat McGrath to offer beauty products in this innovative new way, [Maggie Lindemann] will be connecting directly with her fans in the place where they go to enjoy her music already on Spotify.” – Jordan Gremli, Spotify’s Head of Artist and Fan Development.

spotify includes maggie linder in partnership as it brand sinto beauty

The marriage between music and beauty seems like a perfect union, which is aimed towards giving artists the opportunities to make money on the platform asides from steaming, but Spotify claims it will not be making money off of the partnership. Which has us wondering what the brand will gain on the long run, considering previous royalty atrocities the company has been accused of.

“In this digitally-empowered, digital era of make-up, where fans crave instant glamour gratification I always want to reach fans where they’re most engaged,” said McGrath in a statement.”

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