Friday, June 9, 2023

Style 101: Africa’s Fashion Industry Too Dependent On International Stamp?

Fashion in Nigeria has certainly evolved, gone are the days when people only made clothes for themselves or just a small circle. Fashion merchandising is more of an occupation and career path than a hobby. Each passing day, new fashion houses are being commissioned, each passing day fashion houses are also closing down. A certain Percentage of Nigerian parents can boldly accept the news of their offspring going full time into fashion without the custom 9-5 Government job. What strikes us is not how fast this industry is growing but how fast these designers crave for international stamp before they feel fulfilled or successful. Don’t get us wrong, having a business that is globally accepted and established is definitely great but the controversy is designers tend to forget the most important part of business which is profit and net worth. If as a designer you have showcased your collection in more than three international fashion shows and your net worth is not improving or you are not making any impact in your home country then we are sorry to say, but this is meaningless. It deludes the whole essence of being in business.

Statistics has shown that is not how popular a brand is that determines their income, we guess if Amanicio Ortega – founder of Spanish clothing Line, Zara was more concerned with International Stamp then he won’t be the Forth richest man in the world(dropping from first to second and now forth) according to Forbes List.

We would like to add that being a fashion brand that has consumers in the global market is the goal of some of fashion entrepreneurs and not compulsory a most for all. Stick to what works for your brand. Never forget why you went into business.

Style 101 Host, Idia Aisien alongside this grand fashion jury  Reze Bonna, Lisa Folawiyo and  Michelle Dede discuss this topic in all it’s totality. Tune into DStv channel 190 and GOtv channel 28 every Monday by 15:00 and 20:30[W.A.T], Tuesday 21:30[W.A.T], Wednesday 17:30[W.A.T] Thursday 15:00[W.A.T], and Friday17:00[W.A.T].



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