Monday, March 4, 2024

Style 101: Lack of Creativity or Brand Signature?

Year in year out, designers work tirelessly to showcase their collections on the runway, it is always the consumer interest to see what new creativity these new collection brings to the fashion season. Putting out a collection and  is not where the work lies,  it becomes an issue if you keep feeding your consumers with the same creativity as the former.



We are forced to ask if this is due to lack of Creative juice or just trying to stick to brand codes and making your brand known and accepted for a particular design, shape, color, fabric, or style. What ever the case maybe, we believe as much as designers try to stick with what their brand stands for they should also realize that year-in-year-out trends evolve and others fade, if you keep sticking to a trend or style because your brand identifies with that, then your consumers might as well move on to the next brand that can a Brand Codes or Lack Of Creativity, When does sticking to brand codes and signature become repetitive and boring?

To stand out from the normal designer who puts out the same piece in a different color every fashion season consecutively, you should bring a little twist to your new collection, by doing this, your consumer is excited about what you showcase even when it’s an old capsule.

Join Idia Aisien alongside this strong opinionated fashion jury which consists of Eki Ogunbor, Dipo Ayo Adeusi and Dedun Olobayo on Style 101 this week.

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