Friday, March 31, 2023

Style is More Than What You Wear With Akunna Of Kuku’s Hair

Fashion is not style, and style is definitely more than what you wear. Designer clothes does not also fully depict style. Style is the mannerism you put on an outfit, the way you walk, talk and carry yourself irrespective of what you have on is style.

You can have latest Manolo Blahnik shoes with your Nancy Gonzalez precious skin handbag and Dolce Little black dress and still not be able to pull off a stylish look because you just do not have it in you. Be the best at your style, not just good but ‘best’.

Your style is the definition of you, Akunna Nwala, the narcissistic CEO has got style and it’s more than what she wears. On this episode of Style Book which is Africa’s number one magazine TV show, Akunna let’s us into her styledom, Akunna describes style as a form of art and expression, according to her its the way you wear clothes, accesories and how they speak to people about you, with what she has said it only means that we are definitely in sync with her.

She is the founder of a luxury hair line, “Kuku’s Hair” at least now you know why she can never have a bad hair day, it’s almost like Maria Grazia Chiuri having no clothes to wear. We would love to describe her style as classy, chic, and very voguish, she is seen in mostly body fitting ensembles which gives her the perfect shine that she deserves. If Luxury was living being then Akunna is definitely her sister. Would you love to be like Akunna in your own way? Watch the clip below. Thank us latter.

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