Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Style Tips for The Lagos Fashion Design Week

Fashion season has finally checked in on us. In other not to be a fashion victim we advise you take heed to this style tips. Not everyone has an eye for fashion, but we do, hence you’re covered.

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Image source: Instagram

The theme for this year’s fashion week is “Identity”, we suggest you should dress to kill and also dress for the occasion.

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Image Source: Instagram

How can this be achieved? Firstly stick to the theme, it’s all about going back to your roots, a lot of culture should be portrayed in your style.

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Image source: Instagram

It’s the Lagos Fashion Week, do not forget to interpret the African art in your outfit for the day. African Style is not restrictive, look for what works for you, look happy, chic and colourful.

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Image Source: Instagram

Lastly, make sure you look the part, carry your culture with pride, from it is your IDENTITY. Use the hashtag [#myspicyself] and [#SPICETV] on your pictures, if your outfit is ‘identity’ enough you might just get a feature on our social media pages. Note to you from us “Dear fashionista, do not put on an outfit that will characterise you as a mutton dressed as lamb“.


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