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Suit Fit Tests Every Man Should Know

It is very important to get the right fit whenever you choose to get an outfit, but sadly some don’t know when a piece fits perfectly. We will be sharing easy upper body outfit tests for men who are interested in purchasing a shirt, jacket, blazer or coat.  These easy and quick tests will help you know if your piece is the perfect fit, and what size you should go for.


The Hug Test

suit fit test

The test enables you choose the right body fit for a jacket, shirt, blazer, vest or coat. It helps you choose the right size that keeps your torso comfortable and your seams from bursting unexpectedly.

How it’s done

Put on the piece of clothing (vest, shirt, etc) and stand in front of a mirror, then pretend like you are about to reach out for a hug, if the cloth feels like its going to rip at any moment, then its a wrong fit. Try a size higher.

The shoulder into the wall test.

wall suit fit test

Nobody wants to be the man with a scrunchy shoulder pad area when he leans on an object. So here is a test that helps you know if the arm of your suit is the right fit. For the “shoulder to wall test” all you need to do is put on the piece you are about to test, then slightly lean with your shoulder to the wall. If the shoulder part of the clothing goes on to smoosh up, then the suit is not your size, you should consider going for a size smaller.

Fingers in collar test

suit fit test for shirts

When picking out a shirt, the body fit matters as much as the collar fit. There is a difference between choosing a shirt with a collar that is way too tight, and one that is just right. But a lot of people don’t seem to know the difference between the former and the latter. The “fingers in collar test” is just the apt thing to do when in doubt. To know if your shirt collar fits perfectly, simply button up the shirt to the neck, then slide in two fingers in the collar of the shirt, if there is a reasonable amount of breathing space, then the shirt fits just right, if otherwise, then it’s either too tight or too big.

Curved finger for Length test

suit fit lenght test

This test is for people who are trying to figure out if a blazer, coat or jacket is the perfect length. All you need to do is put on the piece, and button it like you would if you were going out, stand in front of a mirror, in an upright position with your hands to your side, curve your fingers into a half fist, then see if the jacket tail rests perfectly in the curve you made with your hand. If there is excess fabric squeezing in the curve of your hand, then the piece is too big, but if the tail is hanging above the curve, then the piece is too small.

The handshake test

suit fit test, handshake test

The handshake test is simply for you to figure out if the sleeve/ arm hole of your jacket, blazer or coat is perfect. Just like the hug test, all you need to stand in front of a mirror wearing the piece of clothing, then stretch your hand out, like you are about to give a handshake, if the blazer feels like it is being pulled off your body ,then the arm holes are too low, which means it’s not your size.

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