Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Swiss Cheese Nail Trend

It’s a new week and we are here with an all new Instagram craze. The new Instagram craze is in form of nail art and food. Yes, you read right. The new trend is called Swiss cheese nails and it looks just exactly like what you think.

swiss cheese 3d nails

This 3d nails was created by Instagram user @fan_blingbling using a 3D printer at New York university.  The Instagram creative used blue and black nail polish to cover her nail arts. This trend came just in time for Halloween.

swiss cheese nails

The Swiss cheese nail art trend was first introduced sometime last year and a lot of people found the idea rather repulsive. Fast forward to a year and few months later, @fan_blingbling has revamped the trend and presented us with a 3d version that isn’t painted in yellow and looks less creepy.


So if you are looking for a last minute arts to spice up your Halloween look then you can always attempt to go with whatever outfit you have chosen. But if you are the type to stick with your traditional nail trend or a trypophobes (people who are afraid of tiny holes) then this trend is not for you.

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