Friday, March 1, 2024

Take a Lagos Tour via Snapchat

Whether you have the app or not (though if not, why not?), you’ll have heard that yesterday, you could ‘Be a Lagos Tour Guide’ via the Snapchat‘s brilliant travel-inspiring, group story function.

For just 24hours yesterday on May 11th, you could add to the Lagos story, sharing snaps from inside the city and uploading them to the “Lagos, Nigeria” feed in the ‘live’ section of the app’s dashboard.



With many of the city’s inhabitants taking to the opportunity with enthusiasm, the resulting story was pretty amazing, with Lagosians sharing a fun, insider view of their hometown; local secrets like where “everyone” goes to jog at night, to views from inside the Lekki arts and crafts market, Tinubu Square and roadside in Yaba.


Of course, the app could not take us to Lagos and not show off the culinary delights of jollof rice and suya, or avoid the infamous Go-Slow traffic that terrorises commuters.



Got the app? Well, be quick and check out the Lagos, Nigeria story before it expires today, and don’t forget to follow SPICETVAFRICA for behind the scenes of our productions and the action at top events too!

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