Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tanaka & Morayo-Hope of What Mummy Wore Share their Top #StyleTips with SPICE

For our last week celebrating Mothers in Fashion, we’ve some style tips for mums and their tots from our special guest writers, Tanaka (a London-based stylist) and her 2 year old daughter Morayo-Hope – the pair behind the brilliant blog What Mummy Wore.

Documenting the things mummy Tanaka is caught wearing (and doing) through the eyes of young Morayo, the blog is a bit of a must-read – that’s after you’ve read their piece for us, below…


when my mummy was asked to do a little style piece for SPICE she was bouncing of the walls with excitement, but she was quickly brought back down to earth when she found out that i had been picked to write the article. she could pick the clothes though. i’m the writer, she’s the stylist – let’s not get it twisted mummy!

as i type, mummy has about 10 browser windows open with baskets full of goods she’d like to buy when she wins the lottery or wins the daybreak competition (has anyone ever won that daybreak competition? mummy thinks it’s a fix – only because she’s never won it!). so yes, there is no shortage of items for us to choose from for this fun style piece!

we’re starting with something we’d wear to do our favourite thing – shopping! do you know the staff in our local Zara know my mummy’s name? one guy there said “you shop here a lot don’t you?” – mummy turned slightly beetroot as she desperately searched for an excuse in her brain’s ‘shopaholics anonymous’ archive. “i’m just doing my bit to get spain’s economy back on it’s feet.” cough.

for shopping, mummy recommends wearing simple clothes that are easy to take off. she learnt that the hard way the day she decided to go in her knee high stiletto pull-on boots that only come off with daddy’s help. as for me, the moment i leave the house i’m on the hunt for muddy puddles so mummy has given over to letting me wear wellies whenever we go out shopping. mummy also loves this bugaboo donkey buggy as it has a side-basket for her handbag and lots of space in the basket below for all her fabulous finds:


for weddings, mummy loves to dress up! however, her top tip is to buy classic pieces and make the accessories the talking point. it means all pieces can then be worn over and over. she loves dressing me up, too – especially now that i have hair. i got away with an entire year and 9 months of care-free, no hair existence. now, she’s making up for lost time. had i known, i’d have brought the hair when i came and maybe the novelty would’ve worn off by now. God really should’ve given me a heads up! sigh. anyway, here are our picks for a spring/summer wedding look:


now that i’m a big girl and about to turn 3, my social life has begun to buzz! oh yes, i got my first ever party invite from a friend at nursery. it’s an “easter eggstravaganza” themed party and i’m so excited! it’s basically a chocolate party – who wouldn’t be excited?! ok, apparently mummy isn’t – something about sugar rushes. anyway, we are both agreed on tutus so see some here with our style recommendations for parties:


this little article has got mummy in the shopping mood. did someone say it was mother’s day this weekend? poor daddy! she’s already printing pictures of those miu miu heels to stick around the house as a hint… better dash and give daddy a heads up!

hope you all have a happy mother’s day and thank you for reading!



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