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TBT- Lagos Inspiration On Fashion

Iyana-Ipaja, Sango, Agbado, Ijaiye, enter with your N100 change!

The loud alarm of the conductor jolted me back to reality. I had waited exactly 3 minutes, seeming like forever under this scorching sun and this saving grace came along. Looking at my pocket, it wasn’t Uber-friendly, so what would I have done? No worries, my ‘Danfo’ would cost me just N100.


On boarding the bus, I took a seat beside a middle aged woman, who was lost in her thoughts as she breast fed her infant. The conductor finally had a seat as the last passenger completed the bus, a mechanic in such a hurry to meet up with his spear parts dealer.


As the conductor collected the naira notes from each passenger, occasionally whistling calling out the usual “Oga, madam, your money,” passengers passed their fare to him. I watched the conductor straighten the rumpled naira notes passed to him, before adding it to the neatly arrange currency he had made so far. I watched him count the cash with such gentleness, like one who knew and appreciated the value of what he had in his hands, something you could only see in a Danfo.


For many the Danfo experience is an in-explainable one, it is not always the most pleasant, but the experience and the different type of people you meet has to be story worthy. Different designers have drawn inspiration from the yellow Danfo bus and other Lagos inspired events.

maki oh

Maki Oh Lagos-Inspired Design Campaign, Fall 2017

maki oh pic

Maki Oh Lagos-Inspired Design Campaign, Fall 2017


The impact of the Lagos Danfo in the lives of hustlers of all ages and cultures can never be downplayed. For everyone who started from the routes before making it big in the city that never sleeps, the Danfo experience has played an important role in their success stories. The Danfo experience shows the city in a whole different light, showing the busiest city in Nigeria from an entirely artistic point of view. no air conditioned modern transport scheme can ever measure up to the Danfo experience.

In anticipation of this years LFW, this throw back is to show appreciation for designers that have draw inspiration from events and happenings within the Lagos life.

Mai Atafo's Collections at The South Africa Menswear Week #LexusSAMW.

Mai Atafo’s Collections at The South Africa Menswear Week #LexusSAMW.

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