Wednesday, March 22, 2023

TBT- LFDW Street Style

The LFDW event was seen to be buzzing with a lot of lovers of fashion, ranging from the everyday woman right down to the fashion bloggers, makeup artists and consultants. They all seemed to be pretty excited about the event, as it was seen to have drawn a lot of individuals from various parts of Africa. As we moved within the anticipated crowd, the heavy influence of personal style was oozing all around, although a few were seen to have gotten their inspiration from a few designers.


Comfort seemed to be the key notion for the day as most ladies were seemingly dressed in casual wears, while the men were seen to be in a lot of tees and sneakers. The few ladies, who did dress to the nines, were putting on pieces from different fashion designers upcoming collections. As we were opportune to have a sneak peek of one of the pieces of the Grey Velvet’s New Spring collection which was being worn by one of their managers. As the guests interacted, we couldn’t help but spot different pop of colors.

We asked few individuals the names of the pieces they had put on, what fashion meant to them as well as the fashion designers and pieces that they were eagerly looking forward to.  Although some seemed not to recall the names but it was fun seeing that a lot of people did try as much as possible to express their personality through the fashion pieces they had put on.


By – Atai Akpan

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