Sunday, October 1, 2023

#TBT|Top Five Lookbooks We Were Totally In Love With

Take a look at our top five best lookbooks.

Tiffany Amber

Tiffany Amber unveils her Spring Summer 2018 collection called “ReinventingTradition”. With more than 15 years in the industry, we would not have expected less from the Contemporary fashion brand, generously cut exotic designs that suit the season.




This seasons designers seems to have gotten a memo that said  ‘go hard or go home’. Sharon Ojong has revealed her first collection which is inspired by friends, fast cars and fast fashion. After gaining so much experience in the fashion industry as a consultant, stylist, blogger and Youtuber, she finally thinks the world is ready for her greatness, well, the truth is, we are super ready for everything Sharon Ojong has to offer.



Collections are born out the creative directors instinct to create something great. When you think of Morafa, the first words that come to mind are clothes geared to a persons needs for the ultimate comfort every one deserves. If you thought for a moment that only ladies were allowed to look dap and dress to the nines then you thought wrong. Nigerian Indigenous contemporary unisex wear brand ‘Morafa’ debuts its capsule collection “ Grandiosity” for Spring/Summer 2018.


Duro Oluwo

If you spent most  of your childhood traveling between Nigeria and Europe, the life you get to experience is different from a normal person. Your creative instincts are brooder because you get exposed to a lot of cultures and different ways of life. Duro Oluwo is one of the designers who are consistent with their line of creativity, season after season he keeps feeding the fashion industry with new vibrant designs that get sold out almost immediately after they are debuted.



There’s no such thing as too much, there’s no rule to creativity and can we say that Tife over killed this collection. Remember when we said that emerging designers are about to give the old bees a run for their money? Tife is part of them, this collection looks so great we wonder what her mood board looked like.


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