Sunday, October 1, 2023

Tech meets Pop Culture – Tecno x Style 101

The influence of technology especially the continuous advancement of mobile devices among othe things is something of a mirage, especially for millenials, obviously because they practically cannot relate with what life without technology must be like.
Over the years technology has grown to become a part of our very existence as humans. Our ability to video call with someone thousands of miles away, capture live events and memories, get live feeds, social media and many more amazing wonders from your mobile phones.

tecno camon cxx
Majority of people get devices for two reasons because of the brand name and because of the picture quality. Tecno has gradually continued to give us many amazing upgrades on their devices and the photography pictures on their latest devices is sure to give the big names in the business a run for their reputation.


Tecno Camon C10 is a state of the art mobile phone, giving us technological advancement at its best. The Tecno Camon series mobile phones are mainly designed to take top notch pictures, a feature referred to as “Mobiography”. With the camera ability powerful enough to capture every moment no matter the speed, weather or distance


The Mobigraphy C10 or CX is undisputedly the first of its kind in 2017. What we love best about this device is that the major feature is obviously the photographic capabilities. Some of the other cool features of the phone include:
• Full Metal Body
• Light speed charge
• 16. Mega Pixel
• Android 7.0 Nougat
• 4Gconnectivity
• 2.5 B glass screen
• Fingerprint

tecno camon cxxx
One of our favorite Spice original TV Show Style101 has come together with Tecno C10 to capture moments on and off screen with your favorite celebrities. What’s more, you get to be a part of the selfie showers on our social media platforms and TV station. So to make sure you don’t miss out on all the bits moments follow us on our social media platform and don’t forget to cop yourself a Tecno C10.

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