Monday, May 29, 2023

Temple Muse Holds Popup Sale For Lancome 40 Shade Of Foundation In Nigeria

In time past, the shade of a foundation was such a big deal especially for black women, Mac cosmetics ha taken up the role of catering to black women’s shade of foundation, but really how many shades could they really cater to?

Rihanna took the challenge in her hands and created a solution by launching 30 shades of foundation in a day, the darkest melanin finally had a shade of foundation that suited her perfectly.  Rihanna has really set the pace, and Lancome could not be left behind, they too created 40 different shades of foundation for black skin and all skin types.

On Saturday 25th May Temple Muse launched an exclusive Lancôme 2 week Pop-Up Store that featured a new range of make-up & perfumes, celebrities and make-up artist consultations.

Lancôme finally explores African women diversity of shades with a Pop-Up Store that offers a diversity of palettes and a full line of products. With its new foundation and concealer line, Teint Idole Ultra Wear offers a palette of unique colors matching women diversity.

Lancome Launches 40 Shade Of Foundation In A Day

More than ever, Teint Idole Ultra Wear is a confidence booster.  By being a best friend and ally, it allows all women to express each facette of who they are. Thanks to a formula that will never fail them, it encourages African women to live their life to the fullest. Long lasting perfection: a secret weapon for women who thrive to enjoy each moment of their lives without compromises.

This collection ranges from capuccino to dark chocolate, all the skin shades are explored. A wide range of light shades for mixed complexion skins are also available. Pink or light cappuccino skin tones can also find their own  shade.


 Lancome Launches 40 Shade Of Foundation In A Day

The Lancôme Pop-up store offers an unparalleled Make-Up experience during the next two weeks. The whole experience which started on Saturday with celebrities, socialites and make-up artists at Temple Muse store for makeover consultations. Every shade was discovered and you can definitely discover your shade and unleash your power with Lancôme.

 Lancome Launches 40 Shade Of Foundation In A Day

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