Saturday, March 25, 2023

Ten Times Chicamastyle Gave Us Work Wear Inspiration

Say Good bye to the good old days of ‘boring clothes’ to work, if you love what you do, then you need to look good doing what you do. If you don’t love what you do, then maybe, just maybe, looking good would open up opportunities you never expected. Yes girl!! all this could happen with just a simple slay.


chicama style

We always try as much as possible to keep it very minimal when going to work, sometimes we don’t even have make up on, we just throw on our clothes and of we go.


chicama style


That is a very wrong conception towards your appearance, you feel like everyone at work don’t deserve to see how glammed up you could be, but you tend to forget, that everyday with the outfits you put on, your appearance, your hair do, your face beat, the way you walk and carry yourself, is the definition of who you trully are.


chicama style


If you feel like you need to look gloomy five days a week and then on Saturdays when having brunch with the girls, you take your slay game out then it’s totally wrong.




You are not only building the wrong brand and image for your self, but your giving people around you a mental picture of the type of lady that you really are.


chicama style


Let’s just assume there’s a big conference at work and your firm decides to choose people who could represent them both intellectually and image wise, trust us when we say you would be the last on the list, and this would happen because there are other people as competent as you are and more presentable than you are.


chicama style


So, whats the fuss all about, don’t get us wrong, we are not saying you should put on the trophy wife highlighter by Fenty beauty everyday to work, or contour all your face like a bride, what we are saying is, you should have a balance, be unpredictable.


chicama style


Look amazing, wear that palazo pant with a smoked top paired with the right accessories and confidence to work daily. Girl you need some tax on yourself, and if you don’t look right whose gonna pay all that money for nothing?  Take some style lessons from fashion blogger, Chicamastyle, jot it down and implement it.

Girl!! you cost more than diamonds, stop looking like iron.

chicama style chicama style chicama style chicama style chicama style  chicama style chicama style chicama style

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