Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ten Times Irony of Ashi Gave Us Work Wear Inspiration In African Print

African print might not be produced in Africa but it doesn’t stop Africans from owning the fabric. Fashion blogger Agatha, knows her style staples and she sure knows how to rock the Ankara fabric otherwise known as African print with ease.

She pairs Ankara with almost everything and it makes you crave to be in her closet, her closet should be named ‘printslay’. Dressing up for work should not be an uphill task especially when you know you are about to murder everyone with your outfit.

It is advisable that you start being open to new things, you must not always put on a crepe dress to work, sometimes be like Agata and add a vibe of Ankara to your outfit. Styling with Ankara is also not as pricey other fabrics would be, there is type of Ankara for every budget. Take some Ankara lessons from IronyofAshi, to shop some of the beautiful ensembles she puts on, CLICK HERE.

Take a look at ten times Agatha gave us work wear inspiration in Ankara.


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