Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Ten Times Tracie Nwapa Gave us Style Goals

If you are looking for a fashion godmother, we think Tracie Nwapa fits that role perfectly. She is the perfect definition of beauty and brains, her well curated interior furniture are to die for. what’s not to love about her up scale outfits, she’s always dressed in a sleek and snazzy manner alongside her jazzy appearance.

If you are tired of seeing people who are so chichi and have a pretentious style then we have a way out for you. Tracie always looks effortlessly chic in her wrap tops paired with the perfect pants and accessories to match, and can we just give it up for all the beautiful hair she always has on that speaks nothing but class.

If you are ever in dire need of a fashion therapy, Tracy Nwapa’s Instagram feed would give you the jolt you need. Take a look at all the stylish images of our #stylecrush Tracie Nwapa

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