Wednesday, September 27, 2023

#TGIFashion|Hafymo|The Modest Goddess

It’s Friday!! Lets skip all the seriousness and head straight to having fun. Fashion bloggers are now in our faces, we gush over their Instagram feed daily and are constantly in waiting for their Snaptorials or Instagram stories. We can’t deny that there are more than a zillion and one bloggers but how many stand out in their craft? Hafsah Mohammed is among the few that stands out in their craft as a blogger, not just any kind of blogger but modest fashion blogger. What’s not to love about this beautiful melanin goddess, she goes by the name Hafymo on social media(we guess that rings a bell now).

Hafymo has proven that you can be covered up and still look alluring. Her style is not boring at all, as she always looks like a mini goddess when she decides to grace our feeds with white outfits or floral patterned outfits. This Friday we think you should emulate Hafymo’s fashion culture, she stays winning and ever chic. what we like most about her, is how she switches up her style from very feminine and ethical looks to tomboyish and fierce looks. This lady right here, is the definition of voguish, classy and modest. Go girl, we are definitely here for your style. Check out her Instagram feed

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