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#TGIFashion|How To Dress For A Date Night

Yes!! he finally asked you out to on a date, while you are excited the real question that pops at you is “What to Wear?” First bear in mind that there are different type of dates, you need to be certain of the type, otherwise you might be dressed for the wrong occasion. Knowing what your date is about or time of the date would be the saving grace to you overall slay game.

Types Of Date

The day time date: As the name implies, this usually takes place in the day time, it could be a movie date, lunch, a picnic, it could be literally anything that happens in the day time. The trick to looking good is keeping it simple, opt for an alter neck jumpsuit or play suit that is casual, sexy and fun. Do not look overly serious, you would look like your trying too hard to impress, and we definitely do not want to give off the wrong signal.


The Dinner Date: If you love fine dinning then a diner date would definitely appeal to you more, when getting ready for a dinner date, let this be your tip, your makeup either does the talking or your outfit. But then again it depends on the type of dinner date, we know it seems like we are getting you confused. The truth is, a dinner date could be hamburgers and french fries with milk shake, or shredded chicken and king prawns at  Bungolow Resturant your outfit would differ.  If your having fries, then a mini A line dress would do the trick paired with low heel lace up sandals.


The Fancy Date: This is when your invited to a different kind of date, which could be a cocktail, wedding date or dinner on a boat cruise. This type of dates are the ones that comes with the most headache, ‘what to wear, shade of lipstick, shoes to wear, what kind of clutch to carry’ the list is endless. This are the dates we advice you go over the top, do not misunderstand us. Over the top should not be something you do not look like on a special day, ti should not be a different personality from you. Over the top is a part of you that comes out only on special days. Lets be sincere there are persons whose daily life is over the top, in that case play it down a little, look different and also glamorous.

The Active Date: This type of date can also be called easy breezy stress less date. This is usually an outdoor type of date, the one you get to put on your jeans and base cap with your sling bag. There is absolutely no rule to this date. Be comfortable, be you and you might have a second date.

Extra Tips

Do not assume that you need new sets of clothes, be sure of the date and your closet would have something for you.

Be confident

Be yourself, do not try looking like someone else, or your date might never recognize you.

By Utibe Ayi

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