Monday, June 5, 2023

#TGIFashion|Ten Times Sharon Ojong Gave Us Weekend Vibes

Two words best describe her, Jazzy and Modish. Sharon Ojong is a style goddess, you know when they say a person inhabits style, well we guess they were referring to Sharon Ojong. This lady right here sets her trends, although she is very voguish and up to the minute with her style, she isn’t afraid to mix and match with different trends from different eras, talk about creativity at it’s peak then sharon Ojong’s name needs to be written in the stars.

We live in an age were half the population are bloggers, creative directors, stylists, and Consultants, finding one who is extraordinaire in their craft is always an uphill task, so whenever we come across self made, uptown and dashing women who know their craft so well, we definitely adore them. Sharon knows how to style her prints and get creative with merging outfits together to look like ‘bombdigidigi’. Just like we always say, if you are in need of a quick fashion therapy session, then Sharon Ojong’s Instagram feed, Youtube channel and Blog would help you a great deal. Take a look at some of her stylish moments, you might need to take out a note pads for this one.

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