Thursday, February 9, 2023

TGIFashion|Ten Times The Real Chi Gave Us Weekend Vibes

You can wear all the trendy clothes and still not be stylish, Chinyere Chi-Chi Adaogu is not only stylish but her A game is on point. Going through her Instagram feed would make you rethink your style options. The color hues of pink, and blue gives her page a more refreshing look, and we can’t help but admire the vibes she is giving us this weekend.

The model, philanthropist and beauty queen stays winning with the different shades of sunglasses she always pairs with her bomb outfits. The only reason not to crush on ‘The real chi’s’ ensembles is what Nigerians would call “Bad Belle”(Excuse our french), we mean what’s not to love about the fishnet socks she pairs with mini skirts and mules. Chinyere sure knows how to wear outfits that not only fits her body type but also speaks volumes on the kind of person she is.

For every time your mum asked you to dress how you want to be addressed and you argued with her, The real chi is the clap back your mum promised you. We nearly exported her whole Instagram feed, take a look at some of her stylish moments for the weekend


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