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The 7 Best Model Fails from the Runway

While news of South African model Candice Swanepoole’s collision with the catwalk having quickly spread across the internet this weekend, it emerges she is not the only beauty to have taken a tumble at Givenchy’s New York show, with another model having suffered a similar fate while descending its set of stairs…

The model was helped back up by show spectators and security, and posted to her Instagram page later that she's suffered just a few scrapes to the knee and a "bruised ego"
The model was helped back up by show spectators and security, and posted to her Instagram page later that she’s suffered just a few scrapes to the knee and a “bruised ego”

But, while we at SPICE are busy thinking ‘Fashion’ this month on the site, we thought it only right to highlight some other famous faces from the industry who’ve also fell on the job.

Hence, here below is 7 other model fails from the fashion’s runways…

1. Agnes Dean at Fashion For Relief

British babe and face of the late 00s, Agnes Dean was seen having a bad day, in front of a crowd that came equipped with cameras.

Worst still, the stunner was seen repeatedly stumbling to the ground on none other than catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell’s 2010 Fashion For Relief runway… And we can only imagine that while this must’ve been embarrasing, the worst of the ordeal was probably waiting for her, backstage…

2. Alek Wek at Zac Posen

South Sudanese supermodel, Alek Wek took a good trip down Zac Posen’s showcase in 2011, proving to editors, photographers and fellow models that while she may make a living twirling about in designer clothes, she’s also a dab hand at hitting the ground hard, too.

3. Lindsey Wixson at Many Runways She’s Graced

Doll-faced, British model Lindsey Wixson is known for her super cute features – the biggest of which, being her pillowy, plump lips.

But the model has another recognisable feature, too – her special skill at falling down in the middle of fashion showcases.

So good at tripping over is Ms Wixson that some kind soul on the internet has made a compilation of her best work (including multiple angles) – with her most notable spill on the ramp seeing the baby-faced beauty mimicking a toddler’s behaviour, tripping not just once, twice or three times, but four times on Fashion For Relief’s Cannes showcase in Japan.

Good job she has those lips to help keep breaking her fall…

4. Chanel Iman at Peter Som

babe and Instagram queen, Chanel Iman may have escaped having her model fail made into memes for her favourite apps, but no one has forgotten the moment the model took tumble at Peter Som’s Spring/Summer’09 show.


The beauty battled with her skyscraper heels and did pause to compose herself – a little like we did after first watching the clip and chuckling out loud.

5. Jessica Stam at Chloe

Canadian model Jessica Stam came into the fore in the mid 2000s, and has remained instantly recognisable for her ice-blue eyes and white-blonde hair. But, during the Chloe showcase of 2006? Well, there was something else we could remember her by: this brilliant two-hands-down-trip along Paris Fashion Week’s catwalk.

From the looks of things, it’s a good job her cat-like reactions came to her rescue else we might not have been able to recognise her bright eyes, as they might’ve been replaced by two big black ones.

6. Kamilia Wawrzynia at Vivienne Westwood

This stunning individual made headlines everywhere when she graced the catwalk at the 2007 Vivienne Westwood showcase – and not because of her God-given good looks, but because of the way in which she stumbled and fell in her heels… while carrying a watering can.

The model didn’t simply topple, but wobble for what felt like an eternity, and had us (and even news anchors) laughing for about the same. Sorry Kamilia!

7. Naomi Campbell also at Vivienne Westwood

And just as we reported here in our top 10 moments in Fashion Week’s history, this model fail is simply unforgettable – not just because it includes the catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell, but because it also helped make her a household name.

Yes, Ms Campbell’s bum-landing on Vivienne Westwood’s ’93 catwalk made headlines everywhere, and the style with which she laughed it off (like, she literally laughed the faux pas away) made her one of the most recognisable models of the time – and given what great things she swiftly went on to do, we guess this is definitely one of the best runway fails of all time.

But did these falling models make you laugh? Great – now pick yourself up off the floor and see how you can rock this season’s makeup looks (here), as though you’ve fallen straight off a runway too.


Video & image source: Youtube.com, Uk.eonline.com, Mirror.co.uk, Hollywoodlife.com, Stylist.co.uk

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