Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Art of General Wellness

We couldn’t agree more with the WHO’s definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not mere lively the absence of diseases or infirmity to lead to a socially and economically productive life”. This definition of health is more extensive compared to the rather vague definition of health as the absence of diseases and deformities in a human being, whereas health and fitness, especially the later refers not only to an individual’s physical abilities but also that of the mind. The importance of physical and mental wellness in our lives can never be overemphasized. The level of attention an individual shows his body tells a lot about his personality and perspective on life as a whole.

Whenever the question of a person’s health and fitness routine, the answer usually rolls out easily, as talks about food choices and exercise routines are discussed and yet they don’t get to see physical changes despite their dedication. We often forget that the body and mind work in conformity with one another, an unhealthy state of mind translates to the physical appearance of a person. But when the question of how we as individuals care for our minds, an apparent answer is usually not forthcoming.

Bodymind implies that the mind, body and spirit, are interrelated. Different experiences like, physical, emotional, and pleasurable emotions are stored in the body’s cells which in turn affects the   individuals’ reaction to stimuli. What goes on in our mind greatly reflects on an individual’s physical and mental ability to perform properly. We as individuals need to understand the importance of prioritizing peace so as to have a healthy balance between our body and mind.

The first step towards finding peace of mind is to identify what is referred to as an adrenaline lifestyle. An Adrenaline lifestyle refers to as unhealthy addictive habits such as overworking, greed over-competitiveness, envy etc. The tricky thing about an Adrenaline lifestyle is that it comes off as an innocent habit that is supposed to help you get through the day, which manifests into an individual’s life, eventually leads to a strong unhealthy dependency to survive.

What goes in our also plays an important role in the journey towards an overall healthy lifestyle.  It is important to stair clear of hard drugs and reducing the intake of unhealthy foods like frizzy drinks, fries, red meat and excessive sweets and chocolates is a step towards treating your body the right way. These unhealthy foods are sometimes responsible for hormonal imbalance, which in turn messes with the emotional stability of an individual’s mind.

Exercising as a bodily activity does not only improve physical appearance, but also improves an individual’s sex life, and his mood. Exercising is an amazing routine to let off steam and stress caused from other daily activities, it helps improves the overall physical and health wellness of an individual. The various forms of exercising are endless as they vary from simple evening strolls, to intensive workout sessions. The health and physical benefits of exercising cannot be ignored; as it is one of the most important things you can do improve your general health.

The art of respecting your body is the beginning of the journey towards a final state of physical and mental balance. The human body is undeniably amazing, and the least we could do as individuals is to take proper care of it in order to get the best out of it.

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