Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Date

Her kind of love

My lover has never taken our weekly date for granted, and this Easter weekend wasn’t going to be any different, or so I thought. He takes his time to get ready every Thursday before we meet, I know this because, he looks impeccable and you can almost tell that he had some help but one thing is certain; he never exceeds 4:30 pm at our favorite spot, Downtown. That was where all the magic began, about a month ago. It took a lot of convincing from people before I decided to give my lover an opportunity to woo me. Probably the best decision I ever made and trust me when I say; it was love at first taste. Not in my wildest imagination did I expect such overwhelming burst of emotions.
I decided to look extra special for my lover, in honor of the Easter celebration, but I made sure I didn’t get to our usual spot late. I arrived at exactly 3:40 pm, and I watched people troop in and out of the restaurant. 4:37PM and my lover wasn’t around, which was rather unusual and it got me worried, I began to imagine all sort of scenarios in my head.  Good lord! What if my lover was in danger? Or what if I had been jilted once again? What if my love was being shoved back in my face again? What if I… Sweat started dripping all over my body especially in places I didn’t believe I could sweat. I felt faint, my heart began to race as though I was trying P90x for the first time. I was lost. Then finally I saw my lovers escort, I gave a sigh of relief.


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I was lost, some minutes later, my lover’s escort finally showed up, I gave a sigh of relief and hoped for the best but the young lady had little to say as she hurried away.
My lover and I had spent four amazing weeks together. I could say without contemplation that it was in fact the best four weeks of my entire life. My lover isn’t the type to make you feel inferior about looks, weight or manners; he made me feel safe and secure. What if all this was a charade? I just couldn’t bear the thought. Damn! it was already 4:45 I just couldn’t take it any more. I needed answers and I needed it fast. I decided to storm into my lover’s dressing room when his escort stopped me and explained the whole situation. At first I was too unnerved to understand what this young lady was saying, did she have good news for me or was she trying to sugar coat the tragic news? I stood there, gazing straight into his eyes searching for answers. In a way the young lady seemed relieved but still unsettled.

meatballs 2
When I finally snapped out of my clouded thought, I was made to understand that the chief chef turned in late at work that morning and this made the other chef’s work behind schedule, and that was the reason why the date I had with my juicy spaghetti Bolognese was 45 minutes late. Imagine the horror. It was indeed a long wait, but in the end it was worth it. I could swear that the anxiety made my love for spaghetti Bolognese to another level. I look forward to our next date my love. To savor your beauty and feel that burning sensation when I put you in my mouth.

by Sefinah Lamii.


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