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The Look of Love: 10 Beauty Mistakes One Should Avoid Come Date Night

Seeing out February – the month of “Love” here at SPICE – we’ve a heartfelt gift from us to you; a list of beauty do’s and don’ts for first date nights.

First impressions are everlasting ones, after all, so take note and get your beauty look right – that’s if you want to keep Mr Right, anyway…

1. Fragrance overload: Avoid piling on the perfume and putting him off

Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing, so avoid a sensory overload and stick to three simple sprays. An overpowering fragrance is a definite turn-off and will actually enhance any bad smells your might exude during your sweatier moments. Remember that when you go in for your fifth spritz of “Flower Bomb.”


2. The foundation mask: Ditch the thick layer of makeup and stop staining his shirts.

Over applied foundation easily rubs off onto clothes and can leave a nasty looking trail behind. Who wants beige or brown stainage on their luxurious date night top, on the shoulder of their boyfriend’s white shirt or on anything else he’s touched after lovingly touching your face? And let’s not forget the tell-tale line that runs across the bottom of the chin (and in severe cases of makeup mishaps, the chest too), revealing the colour difference between your neck and face.

Girls, please lightly apply your foundation and be sure your colour is well blended before setting out in public.

The foundation Mask


3. Overdone eyelashes: Quit applying lashes like you work in theatre

Whether false or natural, less can actually be more. Adding too much mascara to natural eyelashes can leave a clumpy spider look surrounding the one safe place on your body a guy can stare at without getting into trouble – your eyes. Similarly, too many false eyelashes can be off-putting, so choose a smaller set of falsies that can be applied to the outer corners of your eyes to widen your gaze and help you look like a natural beauty.


4. Yellow teeth: You don’t want that, and neither does he

Needless to say, bright white teeth look much healthier and draw attention to your beautiful smile. If you want a second date, we’d suggest you brush the recommended two times a day and avoid snacking on spinach before heading out. If you’re a toothbrush-avoiding, cigarette-loving coffee drinker, he’ll know it as soon as he sees you.
Else, love at first sight? We think not.

Yellow teeth



5. The high shine face: Don’t act like you don’t know what a primer is

To combat runny makeup, use a makeup primer – or blotting sheets and a powder – to keep skin matte. This helps keep your makeup in place and stops you looking shiny, and like you’ve ran to your date destination then waited in a non-AC area…


6. The panda eye: Avoid putting too much shadow on your eyelids. Simples

The smoky eye is no stranger to the runway or a night out, but get it wrong and you’ll have the panda effect. Don’t overdo it and be sure to blend well, because most guys aren’t into girls that look like they’ve went ten rounds with Tyson.

panda eye

7. An unforgiven and unforgettable prickly shave: Do remember hair removal

Nothing kills an outfit (or a mood) more than intruding hairs on your legs – the kind that poke through tights and steal the spotlight. Your legs swell as you sleep, meaning you’ll miss hairs if you shave in the morning, so instead, shave at night or at least after you’ve been up on your feet for a bit first thing, and use hair removal cream or an epilator to avoid a prickly embarrassment.


8. Sticky lip-gloss: Of the man-repelling variety. AVOID

There are lip-glosses that enhance the shape and volume of your lips, and then there are those that look like you’ve indulged in a bucket of greasy chicken. The latter is the type to avoid, so your date doesn’t avoid talk of a kiss.


9. Clashing lips: A definite don’t

It’s bad when your lip-gloss gives too much shine, but worse still when the gloss or lipstick clashes with your skin tone. If you need help, seek advice from the merchant you are buying from, or take a selfie while wearing your chosen shade to make sure it’s right for you. An unflattering colour will standout like a sore thumb and no filter on this Instagram-having earth will hide it.

Clashing lips

10. Eccentric eyebrows: Please don’t

Thick eyebrows do not suit everyone, nor do thin arched ones. Find the right style of brow according to your face shape and go with your brow’s natural arch. The key word in our advice being ‘natural’ – we can’t all be Cara Delevingne and no one (especially your date) wants you to look like a Sphynx.


Image source: Slapcaption.com, Static.someecards.com, Elle.com, Cheezburger.com, Cdn.someecards.com, Thefempire.org

Article by Ashanta Hay
Twitter: @AshantaLC
Blog: FashionistaElleCee.Tumblr.com

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