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The Man Behind Gucci’s Exotic Designs|Alessandro Michele

If you’ve walk past him, it’s no surprise at all, you probably never guessed that the man behind all the collections you adorn yourself with and probably line up to buy is Alessandro Michele. In 2015, 4 year old Alessandro Michele was appointed New Creative Director at the Multi billion dollar fashion brand Gucci. He took over from his predecessor Frida Giannini, and to say that a lot of persons were quite skeptical about his entry into the role would be the lest I can say.


In less than Two years as Creative Director for Gucci, the brand has not stopped being on the radar. It’s obvious that style means a lot of variance to Alessandor, his zing for creating designs that are emotionally inclined is one of the reasons Gucci has excelled so much in short period of time.


In an interview with Vogue, Michele opens up   his daily source of inspiration and it ranges from the clothes in his closet to the furniture around him and his parents sense of style. Alessandro has a got a laid back and fierce approach towards his sense of style. He decks himself with vintage finger rings, neck scarves cut out of silk fabrics form his closet, distressed jeans with Gucci Mules to match.

Alessandro Michele

To think that he started out as an accessories designer at Fendi in 2002, and since then he has moved form one Luxury fashion label to the other. Alessandro is performing exceedingly well at the fashion house and we can not wait to see how the brand unfolds. Take a look at the brain behind the seams of Gucci, he might just be your next door neighbor and you have no clue.



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