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The Power Of The Nara Seed Oil

Before the emergence of factory made beauty products, different cultures all over the world had their staple beauty regimes that they used to maintain their skin.most of these essential oils and beauty hacks are now being rediscovered and revamped by cosmetic companies and even everyday individuals. Most of these organic products are being used by millions of people now because of the history and sworn potency of these products.

nara plant


The Nara seed oil is one of the famous ancient skin care gems that has been waves. According to Nara Cosmetics, it is said that the Nara plant might have been in existence for about 40,million years. It grows in the coastal region of the Namib Desert in Namibia. It grows where underground water is available and populates shifting dunes. At Sandfontein, east of Walvis Bay, advancing dunes have driven the Kuiseb River underground.

nammibian peopleusing nara plant


It is highly rich in protein and iron. The seed of the Nara plant consists of 5% of oil and 31% of protein. The Nara Plant is harvested from November to May, peeled, boiled for several hours which releases seeds from pulp. Sieving to separate seeds from pulp, seeds dried in the sun and stored in bags, seeds eaten like nuts or grounded with other dishes, boiled pulp is poured on sand or on bags and left to dry in the sun for several days – these flat cakes can be stored for years as a valuable source of food.


The Nara seed oil has been used by the Topnar people of Namibia for a long time to protect their skin from the harsh weather. The oil is extracted from the seed of these plants and used on the skin, for a rich and moisturized skin. It can also be used to treat mild skin problems like eczema and skin irritation.

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