Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Super Eagles Served Major Style Inspo On Their Arrival At Russia

The Nigerian Jersey for the  2018 World Cup championship has been ranked number one in the world,  asides from this fashion mark they are creating, we hope the team itself also ranks high during this world cup season.

I would like to think that Nigerians are addicted to Aso-ebi(a Nigerian word for matchy outfits), the Super Eagles team had to keep the 9ja spirit alive, they all opted for matchy outfits and matchy shoes on their arrival at Russia.

This outfit signifies the unity between the team mates, it shows the strength of the country and it also promotes the Nigerian culture. Nigeria is sure trending for the right reasons, this time, our detailed taste in statement pieces and choice of world cup kit is the reason.


One thing is for sure, if the Super Eagles team do not come back with the world cup, they already won in our hearths, because we are 9ja for live. Fingers crossed as the Super Eagles takes on the World Cup.

By : Utibe Ayi


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