Thursday, June 8, 2023

The World’s Blingiest Yarmulke was just Created By a Nigerian Designer|Tokunba Daniel

The Jewish festival of light known as Hannukah is just a week away. If you ever come across a jew, you would know that the yarmulke(a skull cap worn by orthodox male Jews at all times and for prayers by others) is an important part of their outfit and believe. A Nigerian designer who creates precious and exclusive crystal art pieces crafted by hand has collaborated with Very First to create the worlds most expensive Yarmulke.

The one of a kind Yarmulke is set to go for a whopping $167,00, the skull cap is encrusted with 3500 sparkling swarovski crystals and crowned with a 2 carat D-color diamond, this master piece took 14 days to create.

This is not the first time Daniel would be creating one of a kind master pieces, he made a crystal encrusted soccer boots for Cristiano Ronaldo and also the likes of Didier Drogba, Sean paul and more.

In a press release, Tokunbo states his reasons for creating the luxury religious skull cap,“While I was a youngster in Nigeria, Jews had a rather [fascinating] image. The more I have since been exposed to Jews and Judaism, the more I have become enamored with its rituals, principles and aesthetics. My yarmulke design is a manifestation of my enchantment with the religion.”

Tokunbo has has done an incredible job, we would definitely not be surprised if non Jews start purchasing the luxurious master piece



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